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Love On The Fly by Kerry Evelyn

Brighten Your Day

Love On The Fly by Kerry Evelyn is a delightful contemporary Christian romance and the fourth book in the Crane’s Cove series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

I am loving this series. The characters are wonderfully drawn, warm and welcoming. It is good to be able to follow the characters through and witness their growth and development.

It is important to have the correct work-life balance. We witness that health suffers if workaholics do not make time to switch off.

We are not destined to become our parents. We may inherit some of their traits but we can always learn from their mistakes.

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Love On The Edge by Kerry Evelyn

Trust Him

Love On The Edge by Kerry Evelyn is a delightful contemporary Christian romantic suspense and the first book in the Crane’s Cove series.

There are two major themes in the novel. One is of hiding. We are reminded that whatever we face, God will protect and guide us in His love. We can face our tomorrows because God is already there. We can boldly say as in “Joshua 1:9… I am strong and brave because God is with me… Even in the worst of times.”

Within the novel two characters are suffering from PTSD – one is a veteran and the other a victim of a vicious attack. Together they help each other to overcome. They compare their traumas but “my experiences don’t diminish the terror of yours.” Trauma is trauma. Everyone responds differently but there can be no comparisons.

Our experiences build our character. “The good comes from bad and it shapes us.” We learn and grow through our journeys. As we learn to lean on God in the hard times, so we will grow – not only in strength but in our relationship with Him.

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Love On The Beach by Kerry Evelyn

A Bend In The Road

Love On The Beach by Kerry Evelyn is a delightful, feel-good contemporary Christian romance. It is a novel about trust and second chances and recovering from loss.

Loss consumes. Sometimes we are eaten up with guilt. “So many what-ifs.” We cannot live our lives with one foot in the past, our guilt and regrets will never change what happened. We need to put the past in the past and step into the present. “Sometimes we have to remember to move forward.”

God gives us dreams. Sometimes our dreams change over time. We need to be obedient to God and move when He says move. We must be prepared for God to interrupt and even change our plans. We can trust Him with our lives even when others have left us vulnerable and with trust issues. God will never let us down.

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Love On The Rocks by Kerry Evelyn

Perfect Love

Love On The Rocks by Kerry Evelyn is a marvellous contemporary Christian novel and the second book in a series but can be read as a stand-alone as I had not read book one.

Love On The Rocks was unique in that its focus was on a character recovering from a serious brain injury six years earlier. The reader witnesses the lead character’s struggles as she realises she will never be the person she once was. At times it is all too much. “The solution was… not to be found in a shot of whiskey.” Drink is never the answer. Trusting in God and resting in His arms is.

Life sometimes makes no sense even with God. “Why God hadn’t prevented Kat’s accident.” Without God, life makes even less sense. We need to stay close to God. “He would wait for God’s whisper and obey His timing.” God’s timing is always perfect but waiting can be hard.

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