Did You Miss Me? by Sophia Money-Coutts

Warm And Highly Amusing

Did You Miss Me? By Sophia Money-Coutts is the most delightful contemporary novel looking at first love, friendship and family.

I always love Sophia Money-Coutts novels and thoroughly enjoyed this one. The tone is friendly, down to earth and honest. It is also highly amusing and I did laugh out loud at times.

Families are complicated affairs. We do not choose ours and we do not always get on with all the members.

The leading lady is absolutely charming, realistic and likable. She is easy to empathise with.

The novel explores the lasting effects of our first love – the pain, the tears, the heartache – and the love that never dies.

In contrast we witness marriages that fall apart as the leading lady is a divorce lawyer. It is painful to see the value some put on objects over people.

Returning to the family home is never easy but we see the caring nature of a daughter for her father as she immerses herself in Northern life.

This Northern life is in sharp contrast to London life. We see the openness and down to earth nature of the North compared with the wealth and appearances in London.

I adored Did You Miss Me? and am sorry that the book has ended.

I received a free copy from Harper Collins via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.

A word of caution: There were some explicit details that some readers may be uncomfortable with. I just skipped over these pages. It did not detract from my overall enjoyment.


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