Explosive Force by Lynette Eason

Dogs Are Family Too

Explosive Force by Lynette Eason is an exciting Christian contemporary suspense. It is part of the Military K9 Unit series but can be read as a stand-alone. I have not read the other books in the series that are by a variety of authors.

The search is on for a killer but along the way there are shootings and explosions. Someone is out to silence a military reporter.

Jealousy within the workplace means that trust is in short supply. The truth is buried as the lies rise to the surface.

There are strong family ties within the military as sons and daughters continue the family lines in the same roles as their fathers and grandfathers.

The dogs in the K9 unit are family and soldiers too. There is a strong bond between them and their handlers.

There are some tight situations but faith and trust in God means “there’s always hope – even when the situation looks hopeless.”

Explosive Force was a thrilling read and just perfect for an afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Explosive Force by Lynette Eason

  1. On August 10, my book, “The Potentials,” went live on Amazon. I’m not a social media maven. In this day and age, that’s a big disadvantage when I need to get the word out about “The Potentials.” I feel like a stout infantfish, swimming in Amazon’s ocean, unable to be see by readers on the surface.

    It falls within the Christian genre. I’ve sent out advance copies and have received favorable reviews from people I know and from those who never met me.

    Would you consider reviewing the book? It’s part mystery, part thriller, and part memoir. To date, everyone who has read the book has been very surprised at the ending. It runs the emotional gamut, but leaves the reader reflective and hopeful.

    • Thank you for the kind offer. I am afraid I am unable to commit to more books at this time. I wish you well with your sales. Every blessing. X

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