The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan

Delightfully Fun

The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan is the most charming contemporary novel showing you are never too old to have the trip of a lifetime.

The novel is a journey of discovery – literally as the characters drive across America on route 66 and also internally as characters unlock and realise their full potential.

Life has dealt some cruel hands. In order to protect oneself a character locked up her heart, letting no one in. Unfortunately she also locked life out, failing to build the most important relationships. The walls need to come down. Another character has been hemmed in by life, so busy doing things for others that life is passing her by. And a third has been constrained by the views and words of others. As The Summer Seekers progresses it is beautiful to witness characters bud and blossom.

The lead character is eighty years old and full of life. She is forthright and funny, having some wonderful verbal exchanges with her twenty five year old co-pilot. As they travel the  highway, their lives reflect the open road.

We see some very different parenting – some very hands on, some very hands off. Both have their advantages and flaws.

The fresh Cornish air contrasts with the stifling London life where hopes and dreams have been squashed. The sea air re-ignites.

Grief and loss hurt. They remain down the years as a character regrets what might have been.

The Summer Seekers is a deliciously fun novel focusing on opening up the lives of three women. I always adore Sarah Morgan’s novels but this is my favourite so far.

I received a free copy of the book from Harper Collins via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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