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Princes Gate by Mark Ellis

Thrilling Suspense

Princes Gate by Mark Ellis is a thrilling historical political crime suspense that captured my interest from the start. It is the first book in the DCI Frank Merlin series which promises to be fabulous.

The action is set in London in 1940 around the American Embassy and Whitehall. Tension is heightened as no one knows when the phony war will break. Familiar names crop up from time to time adding an air of authenticity to the novel as the reader wonders, could this actually be true?

Comprehensive descriptions from Mark Ellis enable the reader to experience the story. We ‘walk’ through the unlit streets of wartime London beside the characters. We ‘see’ what they see.

Frank Merlin, the main character, is likable and realistic. He has a caring nature and a fatherly air, and the reader trusts him. He reminded me of Inspector Morse. He is a thinking man’s copper.

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