Place Called Home by Brenda Anderson

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Place Called Home by Brenda Anderson is a most delightful contemporary Christian novel. It is the eleventh book in the Potter’s House series but can be read as a stand-alone.

All Brenda Anderson’s books hit the spot and Place Called Home is no exception. With warm, welcoming characters, the reader feels instantly at home, snuggling down in the figurative comfy slippers for a fabulous read. We feel empathy for the plight of the lead character whilst longing to take her under our wings and into our heart.

There are many godly messages within the novel. We need to be open to being used by God and listen out for His prompting. “Why couldn’t he just… ignore God’s nudges?” We ignore the whispers of God at our peril. When He speaks we would be wise to listen. We may also be just the person to help someone else. “When God places someone on our doorstep, we don’t turn them away.” God knows just who needs what, where and when. Look out for the four w’s in your  life.

Sometimes God will interrupt our plans and replace them with His. “When God sends me on a detour, I need to enjoy the view.” God’s plans are always so much better than ours.

God places His desires on our hearts. “The desire to help homeless young adults.” We need to be in tune with God so we can be His eyes, ears, hands and feet here on planet earth.

Sometimes we wander far from God. He waits patiently for us to return. We will never feel at home in this world if we are not at home with God. This world is not meant to be our home, we are just passing through. Our home is to be found in the arms of God.

The novel explores the damage that being in an abusive relationship can have on a personality. It may not be physical but mental torture can destroy just as effectively. “She transformed herself into the image he wanted.” If a person tells us we need to change, we need to get out quickly. God’s voice is the only voice to listen to. He is in the business of changing lives for the better.

Prisons do not have to be cold, grey walls. Mansions can be prisons too. The “house had become an elaborately-disguised prison.” Prisons may be in our mind, transformed by continual control and put down by another.

Only God is Savior. “You are not their savior… you have to let God piece those broken lives together.” Our job is to point others to God and to love them. To try to save others is a burden we were never meant to carry.

Oh how I loved Place Called Home. I am always torn between devouring Brenda Anderson’s books or savouring them. I chose to devour this in just one sitting. Brenda Anderson always writes the most wonderful books. I only wish she could write even faster to satisfy my deep longing for more, more, more! I love your books dear Brenda Anderson, never stop writing because I never want to stop reading your books.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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