Charlie The Kitten Who Saved A Life by Sheila Norton

Fall In Love With Charlie

Charlie The Kitten Who Saved A Life by Sheila Norton is positively delightful. Written in the first person from the point of view of Charlie, the reader ‘sees’ all the action through the eyes of a cat. Sheila Norton is a master story teller and really captured the imagination. I truly believed Charlie was narrating the story!

As a crazy cat lady with five cats, I certainly recognised the traits of a cat. The whole tale was wonderful and uniquely done.

There are the themes of love and loyalty, watchfulness and safety, family and friendship. I loved the bond between Charlie and his humans. I admired his bravery with the feral cats. His exchanges with them were enchanting. The whole novel was just exquisite and too delightful for words.

I love Sheila Norton’s books. I always languish in her words, never wanting them to end.

Buy Charlie The Kitten Who Saved A Life  today and fall head over heels in love with Charlie, the small kitten with the big heart.




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