Walk It Out by Tricia Goyer

Love Changes Me

Walk It Out by Tricia Goyer is the most powerful and mind blowing book that I have read this year. Tricia Goyer explores what it means to walk out our faith. It really is so simple – do what God desires us to do. So why do we find it so hard? Why do we complicate it? Why do we resist God’s call on our lives?

Walk It Out is a book that will really change your life if you let it. You need to buy it, read it and apply it to your life. As you rely on God, obeying His words, your faith will grow. As you reach out to help others, your faith will grow. As you learn to put Jesus first in your life, your faith will grow. What are you waiting for?

The book is set out in chapters and then sub divided. Each one has a personal story from Tricia Goyer, followed by a reflection section where you can ponder the questions asked, and finally action steps to help you walk out your faith.

Tricia Goyer’s style is friendly, warm and engaging. As she writes about her life, so you find there are many instances when her life experiences collide with your life experiences. The issues that Tricia Goyer writes about, whilst personal to her, are also universal to us all.

There is a chapter about connecting with God’s heart and knowing your purpose. It is not enough to read God’s word, although that is good in itself, we need to be doers of the Word and we need to know the Author. “It’s not about knowing the Word; it’s about living it.” As we live out our faith, we will discover what breaks our heart. Then we must act on it, in accordance with God’s will. We are God’s eyes and ears, His hands and feet, in a hurting world. We need to shine His love wherever we go.

Sometimes our past keeps us inactive. We think that our past will exclude us from God’s love and plans. God can use our past. God can heal our past and use our experiences to help others. “Jesus doesn’t heal us [of sin] so we can feel better; He wants us to tell others what He has done.” God will use you as you are, where you are and change you in the process. “God does His best work through ill-fitted yet determined servants who willingly follow His directives.”

Tricia Goyer explores how we all have busy lives. We can be so busy working for God that we lose sight of God. God wants us to look to Him and leave space for Him to work. “I bought in to the lie that I needed to do more and get more to be happier.” True happiness is found in knowing God intimately.

There is power in our stories. We need to share them. We need to tell people how we first met Jesus and how He has transformed our lives. If we do not tell our stories, how will people know about Jesus? People are not changed by religion. People are not changed by churches. People are changed by what happens in churches and in our lives. They are changed by relationships – with God and with each other.

God designed us for a purpose. His call is on all our lives and not on the chosen few. If you are still breathing, God has a plan for your life. Do you trust Him enough to make yourself available?

Tricia Goyer has always written amazing stories that I love. Her novels are on the book shelves in my house. Walk It Out is the first nonfiction book that I have read by Tricia Goyer – and wow what a powerful read. With her engaging style, it felt like Tricia Goyer was writing to me personally. Her words have impacted and resonated with me. She has made me think about my personal walk with God, and my motives in that walk. I have examined my heart.

Walk It Out is so powerful. If you only read one nonfiction book this year, make sure Walk It Out is that book.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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