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The Grumble-Free Year by Tricia Goyer

Change Your Life

The Grumble-Free Year by Tricia Goyer is a powerful book that has the power to change your life. For a whole year Tricia Goyer and her family practiced being grateful and tried not to grumble. Their results are recorded within the book.

Grumbling can destroy relationships. It achieves nothing. Having an attitude of gratitude in us will build others up. This book explains what the Goyer family did and what they learned along the way.

Tricia Goyer writes in a personable way. The book feels like a letter from a friend as we eaves drop on the Goyer family. Each chapter ends with reflective questions and suggestions as to how we can live grumble free.

It is important to set goals. We can always choose our responses. So choose joy and do not grumble. Remember “our thoughts are just thoughts, not facts.” Do not let your thoughts drag you down.

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Walk It Out by Tricia Goyer

Love Changes Me

Walk It Out by Tricia Goyer is the most powerful and mind blowing book that I have read this year. Tricia Goyer explores what it means to walk out our faith. It really is so simple – do what God desires us to do. So why do we find it so hard? Why do we complicate it? Why do we resist God’s call on our lives?

Walk It Out is a book that will really change your life if you let it. You need to buy it, read it and apply it to your life. As you rely on God, obeying His words, your faith will grow. As you reach out to help others, your faith will grow. As you learn to put Jesus first in your life, your faith will grow. What are you waiting for?

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A Secret Courage by Tricia Goyer

Trusting In Times Of War

A Secret Courage by Tricia Goyer is a marvellous nail biting, Christian historical suspense. It is the first book in The London Chronicles and what a fabulous series that promises to be.

With the action set in 1943, at the heart of the war, everyone is on high alert. A military house where staff are working on top secret photos and documents, plunges the reader into a world of secrets and lies, agents and double agents, espionage and intrigue. The theme of trust runs deep. “Loose lips sink ships” means secrets must be kept and mouths guarded.

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Sewn With Joy by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

Brokenness And Hope

sewnSewn With Joy by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore is an Amish romance. It is book three in the Pinecraft Pie shop series but can be read as a stand-alone. I absolutely loved it. I love every book that I have ever read by Tricia Goyer. She not only writes cracking stories and her books also honour God.

Sewn With Joy is an amazing story with so many godly themes. There is the desperate search for God. “You have nothing if you don’t have God.” So many people do not realise that they need God. They try to fill the hole inside them with many things – alcohol, parties, food – when all they really need is God. “You get to know God better when you cling to Him.” Often it is when you hit rock bottom that you realise that God is all you really need. “When I had nowhere else to turn, I had God.”

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