Out Of Darkness by Erynn Newman

No Lies, No Leaving

Out Of Darkness by Erynn Newman is a contemporary romantic Christian thriller and what a fabulous read it is. It will have you guessing. It will have your pulse racing and your jaw dropping as you get completely caught up in the action.

The presence of God in all our lives is important. He is the source of all we are. We need to live for Him and be examples for others and lead them to Jesus.

Praising God in the storm is vital. “After all He’d taken from her, she was thanking Him.” With God, there is always something to be grateful for. It is especially important to praise Him when we least feel like it. Praising God lifts our eyes off our circumstances and places them firmly on Him.

Tragedies can arouse anger in us as well as grief. We may even be angry at God and that is okay because God wants us to be real with Him. “Did you hear that, God? It should have been me!”

Family is important. Family is not just blood ties. It is people who love us and who will watch our backs for us.

There are the themes of truth, lies and trust. Sometimes people lie to us to keep us safe but the truth is always best. Trust issues arise in this marvellous thriller as it is hard to tell who is good and who is bad. I ended up not trusting most of the characters at some point!

There is the theme of PTSD. Traumas can be replayed for years. Therapies can help. The novel shows how art can be therapeutic.

There are the themes of faith and doubt. “If you start to doubt… you can lean on my faith.” Sometimes we have to stand in the gap for others. We have to trust that God is good in spite of our circumstances. “I couldn’t see God… but I still had to trust.”

Out Of Darkness was a marvellous read. It completely captured my attention and imagination as I raced towards the conclusion. Erynn Newman is a new author to me. I certainly hope that she writes loads more. I loved her novel. It was exciting and unpredictable.

A fabulous read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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6 thoughts on “Out Of Darkness by Erynn Newman

  1. Hi Julia! You’re too sweet. I loved your use of the book quotes. And I also loved that you really saw the HEART of this story. Thank you so much for this review and your continued encouragement.

    • Yay, thanks Sara. Make sure to get the prequel short story (have to sign up for my newsletter to get it free, but it’s $0.99 on Amazon) and snag the novel before the end of the tour when the price goes back up.

    • Ha! Thank you. Gabe is good, huh? And I love that you love Viktor. Creating believable villains is always a challenge. So glad you enjoyed him. I always pictured him as Jeremy Irons. How did you visualize him?

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