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Healing Of The Heart by Loree Lough

The Healing Hearts Tour

healingHealing Of The Heart by Loree Lough is a delightful Christian historical romance. It is the third book in the Secrets On Sterling Street but can be read as a stand-alone. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There are many themes in the novel including that of faith and trust in God. God gave us free will but we need to trust Him as His plans are so much greater for us than our own. We especially need to trust Him when the road ahead is unclear.

Prayer is important. Prayer is communing with God. We need to thank Him for our food and bring our petitions and thanks to Him daily. I found the prayers of the young children at bedtime particularly touching.

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First Crush by Ashley Ludwig

Jigsaw Pieces

firstFirst Crush by Ashley Ludwig is a contemporary Christian romantic thriller and wow what an amazing read it is. I read it in just two sittings. I could not put it down! Heart pounding, adrenalin pumping, an absolutely fabulous read.

God is very much at the heart of the novel. Tragedy will either push people away from God or draw people towards God. Within the novel there are both types of people. The good news is – God doesn’t give up on us. “Just because he didn’t believe in God doesn’t mean God stopped believing in him.” God will wait for us to return Him.

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The Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carlson

Second Chances

angelThe Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carlson is a delightful festive offering. It has love, warmth and a strong focus on God’s plans for life.

God’s plans are greater than our own. When we try to do things in our strength, we stumble along. “He wants to direct your path – if you just take the time to listen.” Handing the reins over to God takes the pressure off us as we surrender to Him.

Prayer is of vital importance. “It was a pathetic and desperate prayer but it was heartfelt.” Prayer is not about being eloquent. Prayer is about being honest and being real.

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Christmas Lights by Various.


lightsChristmas Lights is a collection of four contemporary festive tales. Each one unique and totally fabulous reads.

The Heart Of Joy by Vikki Kestral is a delightful tale that explores love and loss. Joy fears loving again as everything she loves, she loses. God does not wish us to live a life of fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. God wants us to trust Him and live again.

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