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The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton

Pinpricks Of Light

The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton is both a historical and contemporary novel about love and loss, and the impact through time as the novel covers a span of 150 years.

As with all Kate Morton’s stories, it is beautifully told with a poignancy that leaves the reader feeling serene, knowing we have been in the presence of a great love.

It is this great love that infuses a house and all the intersecting lives down the years. It is a great love that is drawn to certain people at a certain time in their lives. It is a great love that will impact all the lives that it intersects with. This is a love that lives where it has always felt happiest.

The house in the tale almost becomes a character in its own right as it draws the lost and lonely towards its walls. It is a house where hope lives. “He’d lost his way but hope still fluttered in and out.”

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The Lake House by Kate Morton

Searching For The Truth

LakeThe Lake House by Kate Morton is a contemporary mystery and what a marvellous read it is. It had me guessing throughout. I just could not put it down. I would come up with scenarios – each one shot down in flames! – I never did guess the ‘real’ story.

The novel has the action alternating from the early twentieth century to 1933 to 2004. There are two parallel mysteries to be solved. The story is intricately woven and the reader follows with eager anticipation.

The novel is searching for the truth. Seventy years have passed. Seventy years where the truth has been hidden. Now is the time to unearth the secrets.

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