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Where We Belong by Lynn Austin

Devastation, Distractions And Direction

Where We Belong by Lynn Austin is a marvellous Christian historical novel that I could not get enough of. It is based on fact. Lynn Austin has woven a fabulous tale that educates, informs and entertains.

The novel alternates between 1890 and 1860 moving forwards. The action is seen from four different viewpoints, with the result that the reader becomes intimately acquainted with the main characters. We understand their motivations as they explode from 2D into glorious 3D Technicolour in our minds.

The leading ladies are sisters, fearless, forward thinking young women. Pioneers of their time. Their hearts and lives are fully focused on Jesus. They present themselves as His hands and feet to a hurting world. “The Almighty has given us so much, and I have to try to make a difference.” Their riches are not their possessions, their riches are their faith in God. “God gives us wealth so we can use it to build His kingdom, not our own.”

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