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This Life by Jennifer Rodewald

Beyond Belief

This Life by Jennifer Rodewald is a marvellous contemporary novel. It is the fourth book in the Murphy Brothers series but can be read as a stand-alone.

There are seven Murphy brothers. In this book the focus is on Jacob and his wife Kate. The novel is about learning to draw closer to God and discovering what it really means to be rich beyond measure.

Wealth is never about worldly riches. Worldly riches are “trappings of wealth and luxury.” They ensnare us as we chase the next thing we must have. Worldly riches distract us from being truly rich and knowing God. When our stuff overwhelms us, we often relegate God to the bottom of the pile. We think that we do not need Him as we attempt to stand in our own strength. The truth is that if our foundation is not built on God’s world, it will crumble and we will fall. We need to declutter our lives and remove what separates us from God. We should push into God first thing in the morning. We should thank Him last thing at night. And we should press into Him every minute of every day. There is never a time when we do not need God.

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