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When I’m With You by Jennifer Rodewald

Believe In Me

When I’m With You by Jennifer Rodewald is a charming contemporary Christian novel. It is the third book in the Big Prairie Romance series but can be read as a stand-alone.

We all have a past. We need to face our pasts before we can move forward into our futures. Sometimes our actions are misunderstood by others because they do not know the roads we have travelled.

Locking up our hearts to prevent hurt does not work. We will become bitter if we refuse to forgive those who have hurt us. The sins of others must not be projected onto the new people that we meet.

Everyone deals with grief differently. We need to realise that and not project onto others what we think they mean. We need to have honest conversations for fear of misunderstandings.

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In Spite Of Ourselves by Jennifer Rodewald

Messes Into Masterpieces

In Spite Of Ourselves by Jennifer Rodewald is a most delightful Christian contemporary novel about the power of love. It is part of the Potter’s house series and book two in the Murphy Brothers series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The central theme is about love – learning to love like God, learning to give and receive love. A life starved of love is just a half-life. Not everyone who loves has a motive behind their love. The novel shows how we are loved unconditionally for just who we are.

Sometimes we need to break out from the lessons of our upbringing. Our childhood shapes the adult we become but sometimes we have learnt the wrong lessons. A character has been taught to be independent, that love is not needed, to be strong is to live emotionally isolated. This is flawed thinking. We need others. We need love and we need God.

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When I Lost My Way by Jennifer Rodewald

Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean

When I Lost My Way by Jennifer Rodewald is a powerful contemporary Christian novel about the vastness of God’s love.

The love within the novel is based on the love in 1 Corinthians: 13 – love is patient, kind and never gives up. Jennifer Rodewald has written about a love that perseveres – as the reader hears about a love between two brothers, a love between couples and the love of God.

The theme of the prodigal son runs throughout as we track the older brother from the tale. We see just how hard he works without realising he needs to surrender to God who longs to do life in a partnership with each and every one of us.

“Do not underestimate the power of the God who hears.” God wants us to want Him. He delights when we build our lives with Him. No matter how hard our lives, God can turn them around. “God takes the bad, and He turns it for good.”

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Always You by Jennifer Rodewald

His Plans

Always You by Jennifer Rodewald is  a delightful contemporary novel and part of the Potter’s House series.

Jennifer Rodewald has presented a wonderful, warm and welcoming collection of characters who envelope the reader with love. Her lead characters have a rapport with each other as they bounce their dialogue backwards and forwards. They make the reader smile.

God’s plans are always best for our lives. We do not always realise this. “He [God] means good for you, even when He tells you no.” Sometimes in our prayers we tell God what we want instead of listening to His plans for our lives. Prayer is important. It should be as natural as breathing. “Prayer came easily.” Prayer should be a two-way dialogue not a monologue from us.

Knowing God’s Word is also important. Whatever season we are in, there will always be an appropriate word from God. Sometimes in life there are just no words and then we need to lean on God and press into Him. “When there were no words, there was presence.”

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