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Death Comes To Marlow by Robert Thorogood

Uniquely Blended Together

Death Comes To Marlow by Robert Thorogood is a marvelous contemporary cosy crime drama which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is the second book in the Marlow Murder Club series but can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend reading book one first for maximum enjoyment.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with the amateur super sleuthing ladies and the female detective. Once more the friends function like Miss Marple times three and Midsomer Murders, as they set about solving what they believe to be a murder.

Each of the ladies have unique talents and all work beautifully together as they complement each other.

The friends have each other’s backs. When one friend starts behaving out of character, the other two notice immediately and are determined to help.

Marlow is reminiscent of Midsomer. It is the quintessential English village with its manor house, quaint cottages and an eclectic mix of eccentric characters. It would make a fabulous early evening cosy crime television drama.

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The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood

All For One

The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood is a contemporary novel with good old fashioned amateur super sleuthing murder suspense.

The novel is set in the English countryside in a village with a cast of characters who could be straight out of Miss Marple or Midsommer! The leading lady is heading towards her eighties, there is a vicar’s wife and a dog walking lady – three musketeers who set out to solve crimes their way. This certainly produces some amusing scenes. The novel is light-hearted in tone and would make a fabulous early evening television drama.

As the action progresses there are an array of guilty parties but can you work out who is the perpetrator and why? I failed to solve the crime before the big reveal – again.

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