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The Legacy Of Longdale Manor by Carrie Turansky

Heaven Sent

The Legacy Of Longdale Manor by Carrie Turansky is a most delightful Christian dual timeline novel that is extremely powerful and has lessons for us all.

The time periods of 1912 and 2012 are linked by Longdale Manor and the location of Keswick. Both time periods have similar themes too.

A major theme is that of forgiveness. We need to forgive because we are forgiven. If we fail to forgive, we risk becoming bitter. Forgiveness is not excusing the sin but it is freeing us and leaving any judgment to God.

In both time periods we see the damage of separation and witness the theme of the prodigal son. Sometimes the separation is not our fault but the fault of our parents. We are not destined to repeat their sins. There is power in reconciliation and much rejoicing when the prodigal returns home.

We see the importance of trusting. “Trusting God through the good times and bad.”. He is our good Father and can be trusted even if our earthly fathers fail us.

God is still at work even when He is silent. “God didn’t seem to care what happened to them.” God does care and God does love throughout all the seasons of our lives. “Facing challenging circumstances did not mean God was not in control.” God is always in control, even when our circumstances seem out of control.

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