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The Maid’s Secret by Shari J Ryan

Powerful And Heartbreaking

The Maid’s Secret by Shari J Ryan is a heartbreaking historical tale that totally consumed me.

The story starts in 1938 in Czechoslovakia and takes us through the war years. It is a powerful story of heartache, family and Nazi occupation.

Disagreements and arguments in peacetime are put aside in World War II as we follow family members from their home to the ghetto to the concentration camps. Hope, and a lot of luck are needed to survive. Sometimes the disease-infested conditions just become too much. Sheer willpower alone to survive is not enough.

We see the love and loyalty of a maid to her employers. As the Nazi grip tightens, the lines between employer and employee blur, eventually being rubbed out as family is all that matters.

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Unspoken Words by Shari J Ryan

Es wird am Ende in Ordnung sein (It will be alright in the end)

Unspoken Words by Shari J Ryan is a contemporary and historical novel about a love that spans seventy four years. It is the other half of the story begun in Last Words. This is Charlie’s story. It is a story that will swell your heart as the love reaches beyond the pages of the book. It is a beautiful tale.

The action is in present day America and alternates backwards to 1935 Germany before moving forwards in time. This is a forbidden love. This is a love that defies the odds.

Germans were taught to hate but not all Germans could do so. “I was not meant to be a killer. I refused to hate, no matter what I was supposed to believe.” The outward uniform was in conflict with the inner nature. Shari J Ryan has managed to convey the struggle to remain true, to see people as people and not to hate.

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A Change Of Heart by Shari J Ryan


A Change Of Heart by Shari J Ryan is a beautifully written contemporary novel about truth, love, friendship and second chances. It is the third book in The Heart Series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This book follows the same action as in book one A Heart Of Time but now it is from the point of view of Ari. This book will break your heart as the great love, friendship and courage reach beyond the pages of the novel.

Once again the focus of the story is organ donation but here we see the action through the eyes of the recipient.

The characters are wonderfully drawn and really lodged in my heart. There are some huge hearts who go through life selflessly giving. They even give with their last breath.

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A Missing Heart by Shari J Ryan


A Missing Heart by Shari J Ryan is a heart wrenching contemporary novel about love and loss and family. It is the second book in The Heart Series but can be read as a stand-alone. The action follows on from the first book, A Heart of Time.

The novel alternates between present day and thirteen years earlier as the reader learns how hearts were torn apart. Sometimes in life we have no control over events as we are swept along and spat upon the rocks.

We all have a past. Our past cannot be changed. When we fail to reveal significant events in our past, they may come back to haunt us. Our past has helped to make us who we are.

There is the theme of PTSD. It does not just affect soldiers. It can strike after any traumatic event. It is important to receive support, love and seek professional help.

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