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The Homemaker by Shari J Ryan

Real Or Imagined?

The Homemaker by Shari J Ryan is an absolutely gripping contemporary psychological thriller that I just could not put down. Right from the start Shari J Ryan drew me in, as I questioned what was happening.

The action is written in the third person from alternating points of view and different time periods. The reader gets inside some of the characters heads as we learn their motivations.

Suburbia – friendly, community minded, safe – No! Behind the chintzy curtains, the neighbours hide and watch. There are many secrets. Monsters and angels both wear smiles – truth and lies – read the book and decide who can be trusted.

There is the theme of real or imagined? Do we believe what our memories tell us? Or is the what is real spoken by others? Trauma shuts down minds as reality and imagination blur.

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