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Make You Feel My Love by Robin Lee Hatcher

Beauty From Ashes

Make You Feel My Love by Robin Lee Hatcher is a charming Christian dual timeline that will warm your heart and soul.

The action alternates between present day and late nineteenth century as we follow stories linked by ancestry. Both stories have themes echoing each other. Both stories tell of God who is faithful, urging us to choose faith not fear.

There is the theme of forgiveness. It is not always easy to do but it is vital for our well-being.

In both tales there is the theme of domestic abuse. It takes many forms, not just physical but verbal too. “Chelsea covered her ears … trying to shut out the voices from the past.” We need to silence the hateful words from the enemy and listen to the life-affirming voice of God.

When life is hard, we see that God is still faithful. “Nothing we go through is wasted in God’s economy.” We learn our greatest lessons at times of greatest trial.

“I wasn’t looking for God.” We do not need to be looking for God in order to be found by Him. When He comes knocking on the door of our hearts, we need to invite Him in.

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Cross My Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher

Hope Lives Here

Cross My Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher is a most delightful dual timeline Christian novel about love and the heart of God. It is the second book in the Legacy Of Faith series but can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces.

The story spans present day and the World War II years. In both the characters trust God to see them through all the stages of life.

Prayer is important. “Our prayers never go unanswered, even when things don’t turn out the way we expected.” God answers our prayers in His way and in His timing. Prayers are our lifeline. Lives are altered through prayer.

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Who I Am With You by Robin Lee Hatcher

A Quiver Of Arrows

Who I Am With You by Robin Lee Hatcher is a charming dual timeline Christian novel that will warm your heart and soothe your soul. It is the first book in the Legacy Of Faith series.

The novel is set in present day and during the depression caused by the stock market crash of 1929. There are similar themes and topics covered in both periods including the devastating loss of a child which produces many unanswered questions as well as a pulling away from God. “She didn’t want her Mom to know that she’d wandered. From God… From believing or even from hoping.” The loss consumes. It is a pit from which there feels like no return. “She’d felt abandoned by God long before she’d abandoned Him.” God never abandons us but in our pain, we are so focused on our loss that we do not look for God. Therefore we do not see or feel Him, but our lack of vision and emotional detachment does not mean God is far away.

God is the God of restoration. He will restore the years the locusts have eaten. The themes in the novel remind the reader of the story of Job who also lost everything.

The novel explores true riches. People suffered terribly in the depression. True riches are never about money and always about people. We see that like the widow’s mitre, people shared what little they had with those who had nothing. There is the theme of taking care of the widows and orphans in both time periods.

Dual themes of forgiveness and trust appear in both stories. Withholding forgiveness creates a burden that becomes heavier over time. Forgiveness is freeing. It is a process that we may need to repeat.

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Keeper Of The Stars by Robin Lee Hatcher

Letting Go

Keeper of the starsKeeper Of The Stars by Robin Lee Hatcher is book number three in the Kings Meadow series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Penny used to be a happy, carefree girl. Thirteen years earlier her Mum died leaving Penny, her younger brother Brad and her father Rodney as a tight family unit. Then Brad got killed. As the novel opens Penny is angry. She is angry with Brad for dying. She is angry with God for letting Brad die. And she is angry with Trevor for employing and encouraging Brad to pursue his dream. “Some days it felt as if anger would eat her up from the inside out.” Penny needs to let her anger go. She needs to take it to God so she can begin to live again.

Tied up with the theme of anger is that of guilt. Penny feels “guilty for being alive and having a future… she expected to pay a penalty for living on.” Penny does not believe she deserves happiness because she is still alive. How easy it is as a reader to empathise with Penny, one feels guilty when one smiles again after a loved one has passed. Penny needs to forgive the face in the mirror. She is tied to the past by her guilt. Again she needs to give her guilt to God in order to move on from her imprisonment in the past.

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