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Legacy Lane by Robin Lee Hatcher

Fabulous Start To A New Series

Legacy Lane by Robin Lee Hatcher is a delightful Christian contemporary tale about family, love and priorities. The reader witnesses’ characters living out their faith. “Jesus wasn’t merely an example for her to live by… Jesus was real.” Knowing Jesus is about having a relationship with Him. It is knowing that He walks beside us every step of the way. Bad things may still happen but Jesus walks beside us through it all.

Prayer is talking to Jesus. “Help Angie catch a glimpse of you.” Prayer is natural as breathing. When we know Jesus, we want our loved ones to know Him too. Prayer is powerful. “Our church’s prayer chain has been storming the gates of heaven.” Where two or three are gathered, Jesus is there too.

We need to have correct priorities. Wealth, positions and possessions do not make us rich. Relationships with Jesus make us rich beyond measure.

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