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The Memory House by Rachel Hauck

Twin Souls Sixty Years Apart

The Memory House by Rachel Hauck is the most delightful dual timeline novel set in 1953 and present day. Rachel Hauck has done it again – and created a wonderful novel that will ignite the reader’s heart and soul.

The characters are warm and welcoming and realistic with their fears and failures. They are easy to identify with.

Prayer is important. “He suspected Mom’s prayers had a hand in this.” Prayer is powerful and how wonderful to think that our prayers can influence lives for the better.

Sometimes we have a day that defines us. There is a ‘then’ and a ‘now’. This is the case for the two lead females. Their stories run parallel but sixty years apart. Their crucial decisions are similar but different.

Memories are at the heart of the novel. Memories make us who we are. They may keep us warm at night or they may fill us with terror. Memories may trap us in the past but we need to face them and move forwards.

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