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To Love A Prince by Rachel Hauck

God With Us

To Love A Prince by Rachel Hauck is a most charming contemporary Christian novel and the first book in the True Blue Royal series. I cannot wait for the rest of the books.

I am a huge Rachel Hauck fan and was delighted to have cameo appearances from characters in her previous books.

To Love A Prince is a wonderful love story. It is also the love story of God for His people. We are all sons and daughters of the King. His Presence in the novel is calming and soothing. He knows just what we need and when. Jesus also has a sense of humour. He is fully God and fully man.

Secrets have a way of surfacing when we least expect it. Events should not be buried but brought out in to the light, the truth faced and then we can move much freer into the future.

Sometimes hurts in our lives mean we barricade our heart. We think we are protecting ourselves but we are actually imprisoning ourselves. We must break the walls down and take a risk on love.

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