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Just Say Yes by Maxine Morrey

A Warm Welcome

Just Say Yes by Maxine Morrey is the most charming contemporary novel that will make you smile and warm your heart.

The book follows a wedding planner to Ireland as she teams up with a best man to plan a wedding. Their verbal exchanges are a delight to witness. They are playful and bouncy.

As the novel is written in the first person from the point of view of Maddie, the wedding planner, we become intimately acquainted with her.

I loved the inclusion of a small dog called Bod. He came to life with Maxine Morrey’s words and was very much a character in his own right.

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Coming Home To Wishington Bay by Maxine Morrey

Love Shines Through

Coming Home To Wishington Bay by Maxine Morrey is the most delightful contemporary tale about love, loss and new beginnings.

Loss can hit hard. “I’d wanted her back so, so much.” The pain of loss radiates outwards. The deeper we love, the harder the loss. Guilt often runs hand in hand with loss. “Why hadn’t I come down here more?” Regrets and guilt need to be put aside in favour of warm memories.

Within the novel the house is not just a house but a home. “The walls… were infused with all the happy memories and laughter and love.” It is as though the house takes on the personality of its owner.

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