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The War Pianist by Mandy Robotham

Epic & Educating

The War Pianist by Mandy Robotham is an epic and comprehensive novel that will educate as you read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The novel focuses on 1940 and 1941 in both London and Holland. We see the war through the eyes of two women, one in each country. They are both war pianists which is another name for radio operatives. Both were incredibly brave, outwardly seemingly ordinary women. Both sacrificed in order to fight against evil. Both had strong characters and both loved their families. Their war was across the airwaves – until it wasn’t – then both were part of the resistance, seeking to free Europe from the Nazi grip.

We follow the resistance across Holland. They are brave men, women and children who have to adapt and learn to think on their feet.

All the characters were well drawn, realistic and likable. The landscape of the war – in both countries – was vividly painted by the author.

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The Resistance Girl by Mandy Robotham

Extraordinary Bravery

The Resistance Girl by Mandy Robotham is a powerful historical novel set in occupied Norway during World War II.

The reader hears about the extraordinary acts of bravery of ordinary men and women against the occupying Nazis. Brave souls worked along fully trained operatives to sabotage the plans of the Nazis.

Secrecy was the order of the day as was the ability to run at the drop of a hat.

War robs people of so much as we follow a young woman grieving the death of her fiancé. “For a short time [she] was pulled from her swamp of grief by those in a far worse position than herself.” Helping others lifts us above our circumstances as we focus on them.

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The Secret Messenger by Mandy Robotham

Amazingly Brave Men And Women

The Secret Messenger by Mandy Robotham is a marvellous dual timeline novel that I just could not put down.

It is set in 2017 and 1944 from the point of view of a granddaughter and her grandmother. The former finds an old typewriter and longs to discover her grandmother’s roots and wartime experiences.

The reader is transported to Nazi-occupied Venice. We witness the bravery of ordinary men and women of the resistance. “We are all soldiers in some way.” They led dual lives, lived on their wits and had to always be aware of their surroundings.

Morale was important. It was the simple things that lifted it up.

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The Girl Behind The Wall by Mandy Robotham

Continuing Life

The Girl Behind The Wall by Mandy Robotham is a compelling historical novel set in the early 1960’s in Berlin as the wall went up to divide the East from the West.

Mandy Robotham has perfectly captured the atmosphere of fear and confusion as Berliners are trapped on either side of the wall. “They are Berliners, first and foremost.” United by the city but divided by the wall. “As the wall climbs higher, life as we know it comes crashing down.”

The reader witnesses the courage of one young woman determined to see her sister. As the tension rose, so did my heart rate.

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