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The Secret Messenger by Mandy Robotham

Amazingly Brave Men And Women

The Secret Messenger by Mandy Robotham is a marvellous dual timeline novel that I just could not put down.

It is set in 2017 and 1944 from the point of view of a granddaughter and her grandmother. The former finds an old typewriter and longs to discover her grandmother’s roots and wartime experiences.

The reader is transported to Nazi-occupied Venice. We witness the bravery of ordinary men and women of the resistance. “We are all soldiers in some way.” They led dual lives, lived on their wits and had to always be aware of their surroundings.

Morale was important. It was the simple things that lifted it up.

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The Girl Behind The Wall by Mandy Robotham

Continuing Life

The Girl Behind The Wall by Mandy Robotham is a compelling historical novel set in the early 1960’s in Berlin as the wall went up to divide the East from the West.

Mandy Robotham has perfectly captured the atmosphere of fear and confusion as Berliners are trapped on either side of the wall. “They are Berliners, first and foremost.” United by the city but divided by the wall. “As the wall climbs higher, life as we know it comes crashing down.”

The reader witnesses the courage of one young woman determined to see her sister. As the tension rose, so did my heart rate.

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The Berlin Girl by Mandy Robotham

The Birth Of Pure Evil

The Berlin Girl by Mandy Robotham is a thrilling historical novel that will have your heart racing as you read. A blend of fact and fiction, the reader will be equally entertained and horrified.

The novel is set in Berlin during 1938 – September 1939 as we follow the fortunes of a group of newspaper reporters from Britain and America. We see the gutsy Georgie, a young woman who does not let her female sex hold her back. She is brave and daring as she sets about uncovering horrors that the Nazis want hidden. She is also kind, compassionate and loyal, doing what she has to in order to help her friends.

Within Berlin in 1938 there is an air of dislike and mistrust as the Nazi regime ramps up its evil. “Maybe your average German doesn’t believe it, but they wouldn’t dare express it.” Fear rules lives meaning many stay silent when they should speak up. It reminds me of the famous quote, “For evil to flourish it just needs good men to do nothing.”

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A Woman Of War by Mandy Robotham

The Ultimate Sacrifice

A Woman Of War by Mandy Robotham is a fabulous debut novel set inside Nazi Germany. It is a powerful story using real historical figures blended with the author’s imagination. Some book have the power to really affect the reader – this is one such book.

For me, A Woman Of War spoke of the bravery of women, especially mothers who continually sacrifice their needs for that of their children.

War brings out the very best and the very worst in people. Women, of good moral character, place their lives on the line to practice kindness in a world where there is no kindness. “I had warmed to her… mainly for treating me like a human being.”

The novel has two main settings – Ravensbruick concentration camp and the Berghoff, also known as the wolf’s lair. The reader ‘experiences’ the horrors of the concentration camp from the confines of our sofas. We are horrified at man’s inhumanity to man and our hearts are warmed as women with nothing, try to make childbirth pleasant experience. There is a camaraderie that comes from having nothing and being there to help others in the same position. In contrast, the Berghoff is luxury but one is always just one step away from life in the camp.

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