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The Perfect Couple by Lisa Hall

Senses On High Alert

The Perfect Couple by Lisa Hall is a compulsive contemporary psychological suspense that I just could not put down.

Lisa Hall has constructed a very clever plotline. She drew me in, manipulated my emotions and reeled me in to a certain way of thinking before spinning me around towards the conclusion. It was a fabulous roller coaster read – exciting, thrilling and jaw dropping.

The characters are well drawn, eliciting various emotional responses from me. I saw what Lisa Hall wanted to show me – but just like an iceberg, two thirds were hidden below the waterline.

Life is made up of the haves and have-nots. Within the story there is suspicion cast on those without money and who marry into it.

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Have You Seen Her? by Lisa Hall

Gripped And Guessing

Have You Seen Her? By Lisa Hall is the most marvellous contemporary psychological thriller that had me hooked from the start. A very cleverly constructed plotline ensured I was drawn into the action and consumed by events until the jaw dropping conclusion.

Written in the first person enabled me to ‘walk’ through the novel. Suspicion lurked around every corner. I was gripped, as were the characters, by “the dark hand of fear.”

The novel is about consuming passions – passions that will dictate actions. The reader is never quite sure who to believe as passions drive people to do ever more desperate things.

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The Party by Lisa Hall

Terror In Suburbia

The Party by Lisa Hall is a gripping contemporary psychological thriller that had me hooked from the start.

The action all focuses on the party. The reader hears about the action in conjunction with the party – either so many weeks before or days after. The reader gets completely caught up in events, always questioning, who is the perpetrator? Lisa Hall has set up the storyline excellently, so I suspected just about everyone!

It really is terror in suburbia. An awful crime is committed – and it has to be by someone who knows the victim, making it even more terrifying.

The victim has guts. “I might be scared, but I don’t have to stay scared.” As the police scale down the investigation, the victim is determined to dig deeper. “I can live in fear… or I can properly look into this myself.”

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