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Lions Of Judah by Kirby Lee Davis

See History Come Alive

Lions Of Judah by Kirby Lee Davis is a fabulous Christian historical novel. It is the second book in The Jonah Cycle series but can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend reading book one first for maximum enjoyment.

This book blends fact and fiction as its’ roots are in history. The masterful pen of Kirby Lee Davis brings the past to life. All the characters are fully rounded, springing to life for the reader.

The action is fast paced as we follow various skirmishes between good and evil. Uniquely we witness the scenes and hear the narration in the first person from the perspective of a lion. He stands apart from the humans as he witnesses their faith in action.

We see that life is always a battle between good and evil. We need to tie our colours to the mast and say a big yes to our Maker.

Though a beast of the field, the lion “saw the heart of the Maker” in the humans. When God lives in us, His light shines through us.

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