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Building A Family by Jennifer Slattery

Loved Completely

Building A Family by Jennifer Slattery is a delightful Christian contemporary novel that will leave you smiling.

The novel revolves around two small children in need of stable parenting. They have been abandoned by their parents but have other relatives wanting to parent them. There is so much love surrounding them. This reminds the reader that God surrounds us with an unconditional love and He longs to adopt us into His family.

There are the difficult topics of alcohol and drug abuse. People need help to heal. They also need to want to get better. We all deserve a second chance to have a fresh beginning.

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Hometown Healing by Jennifer Slattery

A Warm Welcome

Hometown Healing by Jennifer Slattery is a delightful contemporary Christian novel that will warm your heart.

A wonderful welcome awaits as neighbours bond over food and needs. We all have gifts that can help others in their time of need. People pull together and help each other through testing times. “God can bring out good, even in the hard.” When life hits us hard, we need to run to the One who can give us peace.

Our earthly fathers may not be good role models but our heavenly Father will never let us down. We cannot live with one foot in the past. “I’ve chosen to let it go.” If we do not deal with the past, it will rob us of our futures. “If you want to move forward, you’re going to have to let go of the past.”

We can never control what others do, say or think but we can choose how we will respond to them. “No one could make [her] feel like trash unless she let them.” When others try to destroy us with their words, we need to remember Whose we are.

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Dancing In The Rain by Jennifer Slattery and Eileen Hinkle Rife

Reach Out In Hope

Dancing In The Rain by Jennifer Slattery and Eileen Hinkle Rife is the most wonderful and heartfelt contemporary Christian romance.

The book deals with the themes of grace, forgiveness and new life. It has the motifs of darkness and light. Darkness may be literal, as the lead character is blind. Or it may be spiritual darkness as characters stumble in the darkness before coming to know Jesus, the light of the world.

In Jesus we can all have a new beginning, the old is gone, the new is here. We need to leave our past in the past in order to move forwards. “It was time to leave his past… in the past… and grab hold of the new life Christ had offered him.”

There are themes of guilt and forgiveness. Past actions may mean that we live with guilt. Guilt is unhelpful. We must forgive ourselves.

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Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery

Do Not Forget

Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery is the most beautiful and heartfelt contemporary Christian novel. At its heart are children – children who need love, care and to know that Jesus loves them.

The novel is written around a mission trip to El Salvador. Here there is much poverty and neglect. Orphaned children are abandoned. Even children with parents are neglected, unloved and seen as useless commodities. Words spoken over them in anger remain lodged in their hearts – useless, worthless, unloved. These children need to know God’s heart for them. They need to experience love and compassion. “We cannot save the world… nor the children of our school, but we can impact the life of one.”

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