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A Sister’s Promise by Caroline Finnerty

A Beautiful Love

A Sister’s Promise by Caroline Finnerty is the most beautiful contemporary novel.

It is a love story – but it is not an ordinary love story. This is a beautiful love story. It is a love story about a love that will not die – not even death can separate this love. This is a love story about a love that unites a family – there are multiple members in this love story.

The years and the miles have divided a love but when that loves comes face to face, the years and the miles melt away.

We witness the love of a mother – we actually see two mothers loving their children. No matter how old our children get, we still want to wrap them up in our love and care.

All the characters were beautifully drawn. I felt like they were my dear friends. I adored them all. Four year old Willow was a pure delight. Her mannerisms brought her to life under Caroline Finnerty’s masterful pen.

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A Mother’s Secret by Caroline Finnerty

Powerful, Emotional Read

A Mother’s Secret by Caroline Finnerty is a heart wrenching contemporary novel about family, love and loss. It totally consumed me. This is a very emotional read about a family that is ripped apart by loss and secrets. There are many questions but no answers as the family is suspended in limbo.

A couple are also shattered by events as what was once solid ground is shaken.

There is the whole debate about nature or nurture – what is it that makes you a parent?

We witness the strong love of a three year old for her family. Caroline Finnerty has perfectly captured her mannerisms and speech patterns. Her bubbly personality lodged in my heart.

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