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The Proving by Beverly Lewis

Many Blessings

The Proving by Beverly Lewis is a delightful contemporary Amish novel that I loved. Wonderfully descriptive, the reader ‘experiences’ a charming Amish B and B and the surrounding countryside.

The novel shows the hand of God on our lives. This is not always visible at first, but with hindsight we can see God working all things together for good.

Life is not all plain sailing. Rifts can split people apart. Hurt parties wallow, refusing to give up their anger and their hurt. So focused on their past, they risk ruining their future. Our hurts need to be given to God. “The wound isn’t beyond the scope of God’s grace.” We need to receive His healing.

Linked to this theme is that of forgiveness. We need to give out forgiveness before bitterness destroys us.

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The Wish by Beverly Lewis

Hopeful Trust

wishThe Wish by Beverly Lewis is a romantic Amish novel and I really enjoyed it. It explores the differences between the Amish and English way of life. Both exert different pulls in different ways. Life can become confusing as the teens wonder where they fit in. The important thing is to listen to the Lord’s calling. “O Lord please guide me inĀ  all I say and do.”

There are many competing voices in life. Family can exert pressure to conform to the parent’s way of thinking but it is not always the correct way for the youngsters. “This family sticks together.” Whilst it is important to obey your parents, it is more important to obey God.

The novel is about friendship. “Forever friends are sometimes closer than kinfolk.” Forever friends survive the test of time and distance. Forever friends always want the best for each other. Forever friends live out 1 Corinthians: 13. Forever friends love each other and do not judge. “It wasn’t his place to sit in judgment.”

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