The Proving by Beverly Lewis

Many Blessings

The Proving by Beverly Lewis is a delightful contemporary Amish novel that I loved. Wonderfully descriptive, the reader ‘experiences’ a charming Amish B and B and the surrounding countryside.

The novel shows the hand of God on our lives. This is not always visible at first, but with hindsight we can see God working all things together for good.

Life is not all plain sailing. Rifts can split people apart. Hurt parties wallow, refusing to give up their anger and their hurt. So focused on their past, they risk ruining their future. Our hurts need to be given to God. “The wound isn’t beyond the scope of God’s grace.” We need to receive His healing.

Linked to this theme is that of forgiveness. We need to give out forgiveness before bitterness destroys us.

There is loss to be faced – literal loss and the loss of relationships. Both can be healed by God if given to Him in prayer.

Memories are important. Good memories can leave us smiling.

Bonding happens over food. The reader is treated to some wonderful mouth watering descriptions.

The characters were likable and well drawn. I found it easy to empathise with both sides of the story. The characters were warm and welcoming.

Time is a great healer. Time helps us to organise our priorities and to decide what is really important.

An absolutely wonderful tale. I enjoyed my year ‘spent’ at the Butterfly B and B. Now that the book is ended, I feel like I have left friends behind rather than characters in a book.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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