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Bentonsport: A New Chapter by Lisa Schnedler

Absolutely Charming

Bentonsport: A New Chapter by Lisa Schnedler is an absolutely charming Christian historical novel. It continues the story begun in Bentonsport: A Christmas Story which I definitely recommend reading first.

I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces as the leading lady starts life in Bentonsport in 1869. We follow her as she adjusts to life, one hundred and fifty years earlier than she is used to (now you can see why it is a good idea to read the previous book first!)

Bentonsport is still a delightful small town. Many are friendly but one sees her as a rival to her personal plans. Enmity is met with a smile and a friendly word as barriers are broken down.

We see that God’s plans are the best. We do not always know why things happen but if we rest in His arms, we can trust His guiding.

We never know what burdens people are carrying. “Any burden that is too big for you to carry is just the right size for God.” We must hand our burdens over to God and let Him see us through.

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