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The Spider & The Fly by Becky Clifford

Stunningly Beautiful

The Spider & The Fly by Becky Clifford is a stunningly beautiful Christian Christmas book for young children.

Becky Clifford has used Matthew 2 as a basis for her poem telling of the birth of Jesus, with the addition of a spider and a fly. It is a unique and very beautiful take on a familiar Bible story. It is a beautiful and memorable way to introduce Jesus to young children. As a grandparent, I am very familiar with the Christmas story, and I absolutely adored The Spider & The Fly.

The story is told through rhyming couplets, making it easy for children to anticipate what is coming next, and to join in, once they have heard the story a few times. It has a wonderful rhythmic bounce to the tale.

When we see the Wise Men or the Holy family, look very carefully as there will be a spider and/or a fly hidden somewhere within the illustrations. This makes the book interactive for young (and not so young) children.

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