Love Quest by Noah Bolinder

Do You Hear Him?

Love Quest by Noah Bolinder is a powerful book that will aid your relationship with God. Noah Bolinder works through key chapters in the Bible revealing how God created us to love. He shows just how much God loves each one of us and passionately pursues us as if we were the one and only.

God did not create us to be robots. “True love is always a choice.” God wants us to want to love Him.

In Adam and Eve we were separated from God by sin. In Jesus’ death on the cross, the barrier to God is removed. “You deserve death” and yet we receive grace. Grace means unmerited favour. Grace restores our relationship with God. “Jesus comes to earth to show us God’s heart.”

We move into God’s heart because of grace not deeds. It is not about what we can do but what Jesus has done.

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All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories Of Survival And Loss by Rebecca Whitehead Munn

The Voice Of Truth

All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories Of Survival And Loss by Rebecca Whitehead Munn is a collection of twenty stories of people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Each story is unique. We must never compare our walk with someone else’s journey.

The stories are written in a very personable way. They will each ‘speak’ to your heart. Each chapter contains treatment experience and what was helpful along the way. There are also suggestions as to what helped to ‘support myself’ and the support from others that helped. The stories are all linked with a cancer diagnosis that interrupted busy lives, forcing people to slow down and to evaluate what is really important.

Many drew closer to God. “Her faith became her anchor for her.” God is a sure and certain anchor through all the seasons of life. Another story cited “I had to rely completely on the Lord.” Sometimes when life threatens to derail all that we know, all we can do is to run to God. We must trust in His goodness even when life is hard.

There is power in prayer. “I am confident that the power of prayer is why I am still living today.” However I am sure we have all prayed over people believing they will be healed and they have died. We will never know this side of heaven why God heals some but not others.

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Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven by Dr Scot Hodkiewicz

Surrendering To God’s Plan

Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven by Dr Scott Hodkiewicz is a powerful true life account of not just a family who survived but who actually thrived. This is a wow read about the recovery from a horrendous accident and the lessons learnt from God as the family pressed into Him.

Before the crash the author was a vet. He had built a successful life and had a nice house. In worldly terms he was a success. The author admits that before the crash the gifts God had given him, he used for himself. Whereas after the crash, God’s gifts were used for God and others. His outlook completely changed as his mind focussed on the true treasures in life.

We all have moments in life that define us – for Dr Scott Hodkiewisz and his family it was when a drunk, disqualified driver crashed into their family car. But God is a faithful God and at just the right time, He sent His angels in human form, to minister just where they were needed.

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Char’s Gift by Steve Harryman

In The Palm Of His Hands

Char’s Gift by Steve Harryman is a moving and poignant true life story of the author’s wife’s journey through brain cancer since diagnosis in 1995. It is not a gloomy read but a very inspiring and hope-filled one as we read about a huge hearted lady named Char.

What shines through the book is the love Char had for others and for God. She had an unwavering trust in God. “I know God will take care of me.” Char knew “God has His own roadmap for our lives” and she could trust Him to walk alongside her every step of the way.

Char also thought of others before herself – praying with a nurse whilst she herself was a patient in hospital.

Cancer is cruel but Char focussed on the journey of others through cancer and not her own. She gave hope and she spread love. This book is full of the wonderful ways Char and her husband Steve Harryman helped others – they visited, they gave gifts, they set up Hope Through The Storm Ministries and they organised the Hope conferences believing “Hope… has to talk louder than fear.”

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