The Gift Of Tears by Keith Nano

The Lighthouse In The Dark

The Gift Of Tears by Keith Nano is the true tale of a miraculous healing showing that the miracle working God of the Bible is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Keith Nano provides the background to his faith journey. He raises his family to know God. This is their story of the day tragedy struck and how their faith in God and in people would be stretched and enlarged.

As their son Jacob was struck down and fighting for his life, following a bout of pneumonia, Keith Nano and his family saw the family of God in action. Practical help was provided as well as prayers and moral support. “They came to hug us and to pray with us. They came to cry with us.” The reader sees people helping people. Being on the receiving end of such generosity was hard as Keith Nano was more used to giving and not getting. He learnt to receive with grace all that was offered. “They just showed up.” Prayer teams mobilised. Charity events were organised. Practical goods and help were given. The innate goodness of people shone as Jacobs Army mobilised.

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Nuggets Of Wisdom For Life’s Journey by Marvin E Johnson

Enhance Your Life

Nuggets Of Wisdom For Life’s Journey by Marvin E Johnson is a powerful Christian book that contains bite size chunks of daily wisdom.

The book is set out over seven parts with seven (six in part two) daily readings to study and digest. Marvin Johnson covers numerous topics from God’s love to prayer, love, Ten Commandments, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Christmas, choices and much more.

The readings should get you thinking about God and your relationship with Him and your life choices. On some there are questions for self-examination.

Marvin Johnson’s style is easily accessible for all. It feels like nuggets of wisdom from a dear friend rather than daily readings.

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As My Mind Unwinds by Jennifer Ervig

Invest In This Book

 As My Mind Unwinds by Jennifer Ervig is a 31 day devotional that can help you on your journey with God.

Each day has a new topic with introductory thoughts, scriptures, Jennifer Ervig’s take on the topic and questions designed for internal examination.

Jennifer Ervig writes in a very personable way. This devotional is accessible for all. The reader can certainly identify with some of her thoughts. She is honest, open and down to earth. Various topics are covered from the Holy Spirit to spiritual battles “A Christian soldier must always be ready”, to Bin Laden, the Japanese quake of 2011 to Joshua, tithing and God desiring a relationship with us. “He sees me, hears me, and knows me. All He asks is the same in return.” The whole book speaks a great deal of sense. It will aid your Christian walk.

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Women Of God Arise! by Teresa Smyser

Walking With God

Women Of God Arise! By Teresa Smyser is a powerful book that discusses what it means to be a woman of God.

Using personal anecdotes and portions of scripture the reader learns how to be an effective woman of God.

Life is a spiritual battle. We need to be prepared by putting on the full armour of God. We need to both stand and meditate on God’s Word. We were created to be in a relationship with God. Do not let Satan distract you. Deflect his arrows with the Word of God.

Surround yourself with godly friends. Women who love you enough to tell you the truth about the state of your walk with God.

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