A Room Full Of Chocolate by Jane Elson

Family, Love & A Pot-Bellied Pig

A Room Full Of Chocolate by Jane Elson is a powerful, contemporary novel that I just could not put down. It is perfect for ages ten years and over.

We see the action through the eyes of ten year old Grace. It is written in the first person and we have glimpses into her special blue book.

We learn about family, love and care. Family are not just blood related but those who love us along the way – including pot-bellied pigs!

We see that even estranged family matters as Grace is sent from London to Yorkshire to live with a grumpy grandad, whom she has never met. Beneath the gruff exterior beats a heart of gold who has to learn to love again.

There is the difficult topic of breast cancer. We see how Grace is shielded but she would rather know the truth. She deeply loves her Mum but her frustration and upset can erupt into words of anger, that she later regrets.

Our heart breaks for Grace as she encounters the school bullies and tries to cope alone – but she is never really alone as there are those new faces who love and care for her.

I adored A Room Full Of Chocolate. It is a fabulous debut novel. Grace is a delightful, plucky, brave girl who forms unbreakable bonds and has a heart of gold. I adored her interactions with her ‘blood sister’ and with Claude, the pot-bellied pig who was a unique character to take centre stage.

This is a book that will tug at your heartstrings as you follow Grace and her adventures. This is a book about family and love. I am sorry that it has ended.


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