Father’s Friend by Rhonda Hanson

Walking With God

Father’s Friend by Rhonda Hanson is a powerful contemporary Christian novel and the fourth book in the Father series. This is the back story of lead character Meredith and can be read as either the first or final book. I read it last, as recommended by the author.

We hear of the time starting from Meredith aged nineteen when she knew about God but didn’t actually know Him. We see the beginning of her friendship with God. We ‘hear’ their conversations. “When you just want to sit and visit with Me. That’s My favourite kind of prayer, because it means you just want to spend time with Me.” God delights when we just want to sit at His feet. As Meredith grows in her faith, she wants to spend time with God. “If He wants to talk to me, I want to listen.” Meredith realizes the importance of listening when God speaks.

When we have decisions to make, it is wise to consult God in prayer. “Can I pray about it?”

God gives us gifts. Our gifts bless us and we, in turn, bless others. “God had given music to her to be used for Him and to bless others.” God uses music to speak to hearts. “God was speaking to them through her music.”

We can trust God with our lives. “He asked her to be obedient and to trust Him.” God is with us through all our seasons of life, whether we can ‘feel’ Him or not. “You’re worried you won’t land safely… But I’ll catch you.”

There will be tough times in life – but God has promised to never leave us. It is God who turns our messes into masterpieces. “God was going to make something beautiful come out of those ashes.”

All the characters are well drawn, likable and realistic. I loved the inclusion of Hook, a big, beautiful, rescued cat.

Rhonda Hanson has written a wonderful series of four books. She hasn’t presented a perfect world but has presented characters and situations that we can identify with. Life can be messy. Life can be hard. But life is beautiful when you walk in tandem with God.

I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“God loves us into His kingdom. He doesn’t scare us into it.”

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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