Nurse Kitty: After The War by Maggie Campbell

A Brave New World

Nurse Kitty: After The War by Maggie Campbell is a terrific historical novel. It is the final book in the Nurse Kitty Trilogy but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel opens in 1950 in Manchester’s flagship hospital. It is the dawn of a new era as the NHS is in its infancy. Times are changing with free health care for all.

As we enter the modern era of medicine, there are still challenges. Polio is widespread. Children are not all recovering and some have died. The iron lung helps but is not pleasant. A new vaccine and treatment are being developed.

Previously, married women had to give up work. Now, some souls who love their jobs are standing up for the rights of women as they want to be wed and work. It is frustrating to see how the old guard treat women in the workplace. Women are good for making cups of tea but not taken seriously by all.

After World War II the world is opening up as we see nurses from the colonies answer the call to work in the newly formed NHS. Unfortunately, they still face prejudice, even from child patients.

There is turmoil on the streets too, with racial prejudice and unrest. Jewish refugees from Europe still find themselves shunned by some but helped by others.

With the Iron Curtain enclosing Eastern Europe, there is fear within Britain as the world is gripped by the Cold War. Suspected communists are watched and questioned. Britain is still reeling from the Cambridge spy ring defecting to the Soviets.

Against this background, there is joy as nurse Kitty is planning her wedding.

All the characters were delightfully drawn, likable and realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them all and experiencing life in a bygone era.

I received a free copy from Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


Nurse Kitty: After the War

It is 1950 and Kitty Longthorne is now a Sister at Manchester’s Park Hospital, and as busy as ever. With dizzying numbers of children with polio being admitted to the children’s ward, a sharp uptick of major trauma from road accidents and growing political and racial conflict affecting her patients and staff, there’s no shortage of drama at the hospital. But Kitty is determined that everyone is treated with respect.
Outside of the hospital, Kitty is finally ready to marry her fiancé, Dr James Williams. But with the growing Cold War tensions, Kitty and James come under scrutiny because of two people close to their hearts. With any suspicious activity grounds for treason, their happily ever after is suddenly on shaky ground… will they ever be able to set a date for the wedding?
Inspired by the brave nurses and doctors from the first NHS hospital, the Trafford General, which opened after the end of World War II. Perfect for fans of Call the Midwife and The Nightingale Girls.

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Author Bio – Margaret Campbell grew up in Manchester at a time when the city was still on its knees, post-war. She can just about remember the end of rationing! After decades of working as a seamstress in factories, once her children had grown up, Margaret retrained to be a midwife – a career she adored. She now lives in a cottage that overlooks the rolling Pennines where she writes, grows rare dahlias and keeps chickens.

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