Ants Across The Page by Connie Averitt Williams

Heart Warming

Ants Across The Page by Connie Averitt Williams is the most heart warming Christian novel that I just could not put down. I read it in just one sitting.

The book is set on a farm in small town America during the 1960’s. The town is called Walnut Grove which reminded me of Walnut Grove in the Little House On The Prairie books and so that is what I pictured as I read.

It is in the farmhouse that we meet a very realistic dysfunctional family that have hearts full of love. The family consists of a widower, a seven year old with Downs Syndrome and eleven year old Luke who has dyslexia (undiagnosed). The mother died and they are all trying to cope as best they can. Housekeepers come and go until one day Maggie, a heavily pregnant lady, lands on their doorstep. She is larger than life with a heart that loves and keeps on loving.

Now, the house has a beating heart and a united family is born. Family are those who love us. Maggie is the hands and feet, the eyes and ears of Jesus. She loves through actions not words. She recognizes a family in need of rescue. And in turn, the family rescues her. We are reminded that God longs to rescue us from our situations.

Faith is important. We need to teach our world about Jesus. Maggie knows Jesus and introduces Him in a relaxed way. “When Maggie prayed, she talked to God like He was sitting right next to her, listening.” Maggie shows what a relationship with Jesus looks like. Jesus is there beside us. He takes our messes and transforms them into something beautiful.

Fathers are important.  “Knowing that my dad was nearby.” Loving fathers’ bond with their children, who feel safe in their presence. Likewise, we can feel safe, resting in our heavenly Father’s arms.

The action is seen through the eyes of Luke. Disabilities in the 1960’s were often misunderstood and therefore, Luke faces huge difficulties. He is extremely clever verbally but struggles with the written word. School is failing him but people come alongside him in extraordinary ways. It is beautiful to follow Luke on his journey of discovery.

This is a book about love. It is love for one another in a family. It is not about grand gestures of love but the little everyday things that make a huge difference.

I adored Ants Across The Page. It is a beautiful, heartfelt family read, just perfect for ages twelve and over.

Having worked as a learning support assistant to special needs teens in the local high school, this book spoke to my heart. I have known many ‘Lukes’ over the years. This book spoke to my soul as we see the love of Jesus in action. I adored Ants Across The Page.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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