The Rutland Connection by Michael Dane

Cleverly & Expertly Constructed

The Rutland Connection by Michael Dane is an absolutely top notch crime thriller. It is the first book in The Frank McBride series and I cannot wait for subsequent books.

The action is set in Lincolnshire in 1997 as we follow customs and excise teams trying to catch, and bring down, the small empire of a local drug supplier.

This is an exciting novel with a cleverly constructed and extremely well executed complex plotline. It is a thinking mans novel which I thoroughly enjoyed. As the action ramps up, so did my heart rate.

We learn about the complexity of following criminals without being spotted. It is harder than you would think. We also witness a very clever World War II veteran who can certainly give the young of the day a run-around. Getting older does not mean a pipe and slippers existence!

All the characters were well drawn and realistic. Many were likable – the ones who weren’t, were the criminals, but you are not supposed to like them! The characters are an eclectic mix from the not terribly bright petty criminals to the masterminds that are functioning both within and outside the law.

I just could not put The Rutland Connection down. I read the book in just two sittings, pausing only to sleep!

I think The Rutland Connection would make a marvellous movie or television series. In my head, I pictured the late, great Michael Gambon as the World War II veteran.

This is an exciting read, so clear your schedules for a few hours, and settle down for a cracking read.

I received a free copy via Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


The Rutland Connection

Lincoln 1997. Veteran customs investigator Frank McBride has been targeting gangs of drugs smugglers for decades. Taking out John Pyke’s team of Lincoln-based criminals is just another operation until suddenly things become interesting.

Why has Pyke’s team suddenly become so professional? How has it become so adept at evading surveillance? And who is the mysterious figure who is pulling the strings? McBride relishes having found a worthy opponent. But who is he? And what game is he playing?

Michael Butcher wants to know why his grandfather, a retired brigadier living in a tiny Rutland village, has decided to become an international trafficker in narcotics. Involving him in an elaborate game where the price of losing is life in prison.

McBride and the Brigadier become enmeshed in a private duel, but only one of them knows the rules of the game.

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Author Bio –

Michael Dane spent over ten years as an officer in the Customs and Excise National Investigation Service investigating drug trafficking, VAT fraud and smuggling of all kinds. He later retrained as a lawyer and joined the private sector where he investigated fraud and corruption all over the world. He is retired and lives in the Vale of Belvoir.

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