Charlotte’s Snowman by Lainey Dee

Simply Beautiful

Charlotte’s Snowman by Lainey Dee is an absolutely charming tale for the under fives.

It is simply written, enabling young children to easily follow along.

We see the excitement that a snowfall brings and are shown how to build a snowman. But this is no ordinary snowman – read the book to find out why. Capture the wonder on a young child’s face.

It is important to share what we have, care for others and to also look after ourselves.

We learn that sometimes things fade away but we are left with memories as they live on in our hearts.

Charlotte’s Snowman is beautifully and simply illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills. The pictures appeal to all with big, open smiling faces.

This is a beautiful book that would be a welcome addition to any child’s personal library.

I received a free copy via Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


Charlotte’s Snowman

Children love building snowmen. When they add a nose, eyes, and mouth to their snowman, they get a magical feeling that their snowman has his own personality.
And… sometimes snowmen do come alive!

Charlotte wakes up and sees that it’s snowing… it’s snowing and it’s snowing. She runs outside to build a snowman. She fixes a carrot for the snowman’s nose, a stick for his mouth, and two stones for his eyes.

But the snowman has many demands, so Charlotte has to part with her gloves, scarf and hat; so her snowman wouldn’t feel cold. But the sun comes up all of a sudden, and Charlotte cannot find her snowman anymore. She is sad. Then, she learns that her snowman hasn’t disappeared completely, but is hiding in the ground, waiting to emerge next winter.

A great book for those children who miss their much loved snowman when winter is over

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Author bio.

Lainey Dee was born in Birmingham and grew up in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

The author of Charlotte’s Snowman, Let’s Celebrate Being Different and Rodasauri the Dinosaur’s Trip to London. 

Lainey was inspired to write for young people having worked with children for many years. Lainey currently looks after twins aged five years. A huge art deco fan, she lives in an art deco house which is decorated in that period style. In her free time, she enjoys baking and cooking for friends and visiting national trust properties.

Her favourite ice cream is strawberry and the strangest place she has slept in was a tepee Texas.

She enjoys using her imagination to invent new stories and characters. Lainey hopes her books will help readers see themselves and the world differently and understand how special they are.

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