A Storm Of Infinite Beauty by Julianne MacLean

Stunningly Beautiful

A Storm Of Infinite Beauty by Julianne MacLean is an absolutely delightful dual timeline novel that will educate you as you read.

The novel revolves around the little-known Alaskan earthquake in the 1960’s. It was a catastrophic event for a seaboard town and one I had not heard of. We see the beauty in nature and also the dangers of the natural world.

As the story opens, the reader is in the middle of the quake. It is both an exciting and utterly terrifying place to be. Julianne MacLean draws us in with her descriptions as we witness the all-round devastation. My pulse rose and I wanted to read on.

The action is set in two different time periods – 1964 and 2017 – it is told in the form of memories and also present-day events. A family links the two time periods.

Within both time periods there are parallel themes of love and loss, infidelity and faithfulness. We see how people were judged and shunned in the past for what we now see is acceptable today (thank goodness). Judgement from others causes much unhappiness. We should look at our own lives and keep our noses out of what does not concern us.

We see that beneath a lovable rogue, beats a heart of gold. It is a heart that loves, is loyal and faithful, and contrasts strongly with the character many would believe to be upstanding.

It is a journey of discovery as we travel through the novel. There are literal journeys and there are the journeys made by several hearts in both time periods. The reader is privileged to travel alongside the characters.

This is a work of great beauty. There is beauty in the natural landscape and there is beauty in following lives. This truly is a work of infinite beauty.

I always adore Julianne MacLean’s novels. They always speak to my heart and A Storm Of Infinite Beauty is no exception. Grab your copy today and be both educated and entertained as you travel to the wilds of Alaska.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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