The Change by Kirsten Miller

Wow! Unique And Engrossing

The Change by Kirsten Miller is a marvellous contemporary crime suspense that held my attention from the start.

The novel is about women – women who share the same goal, to protect the innocent from all those who mean harm. Women who band together, a sisterhood, each with a unique gift that is needed to defeat the evil that walks alongside.

We witness cold cases mounting up as the land and sea give up their secrets.

Kirsten Miller has written a unique novel that was a departure from my usual reads but one that totally consumed me. As the novel approached its conclusion, I read on with baited breath and a big gasp!

Over the years women have had to battle to achieve equality with men – and they have had to battle through bodily changes. This novel celebrates the strength of women. Together we are stronger.

We see a developing friendship between three very different personalities with three very different strengths. I particularly like the description of one character – “You’re the light that holds back the darkness.”

Although there are some dark themes, there are also some very humorous moments that literally had me snorting and laughing out loud.

The Change is not a read for the fainthearted. I, however, was thoroughly engrossed in the action. Kirsten Miller has a talent for writing intriguing, unique stories that are well crafted. She is masterful in her writing. I look forward to much more from her.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.

A word of caution: there are themes and language which some will not like. This is not a cosy mystery.


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