The Orphan Thief by Glynis Peters

Rising From The Ashes

The Orphan Thief by Glynis Peters is a heart-wrenching historical tale that totally consumed me.

The novel is set in Coventry during the night of 14th November 1940 and onwards. The reader, along with the characters, watches helplessly on as the medieval city of Coventry is destroyed by German bombers. The smoldering wreck of the cathedral says it all.

Rising from the ashes are the remaining residents of Coventry. Though shocked, the bulldog spirit is alive. Survivors band together making new family units as they learn to live again.

The dead are not forgotten but remembered in hearts all over the city.

There is a wonderful community of love and care for the lost and the vulnerable. Most have good hearts but there are a few who take advantage and prey on the young.

Despite the war, life and love, births, deaths and marriages continue. There are moments that make you smile and moments that make you cry.

The Orphan Thief is a marvellous and powerful read in memory of those residents of Coventry who perished and those who survived.

The city of Coventry is very dear to my heart as I have relatives who lived through the blitz in Coventry but they lost their livelihoods and homes.

Thank you Glynis Peters for a powerful read.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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