Dog Rose Dirt by Jen Williams

Gripping And Creepy

Dog Rose Dirt by Jen Willliams is a compulsive and horrifying contemporary murder suspense that I could not put down.

A cold-blooded killer is behind bars when a number of identical murders begin. Details, known only by a few are replicated as modern crimes collide with the past.

Recovering from the loss of her mother, an ex-reporter finds a bundle of letters that awaken the investigative journalist in her. Digging deep into the past, she uncovers some well-hidden truths.

Our early years set the tone for our lives to come. We witness lives manipulated by those who should be caring for them.

The novel is written in present day and ‘before’ in various voices. The reader must try to follow the clues to get to the truth. Can you do so before the end? I couldn’t!

The characters were extremely well drawn eliciting a variety of emotional responses from me.

Jen Williams is a new author to me. I shall certainly be seeking out more by her.

Dog Rose Dirt was a gripping but creepy read.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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