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The Heart Of The Midwife is a delightful collection of four Christian novellas that will warm your heart. They are all set at the end of the nineteenth century.

The themes are all similar as young women attempt to bring babies into the world. They meet various opposition from pompous men to aging women practicing voodoo. The love for the poor shines through as the young women become the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of Jesus. Faith is strong as God is able to guide us and protect us from our fears.

This is a positively charming quartet of tales.

Love’s Charm by Cynthia Hickey is an absolutely charming tale. I found the setting very reminiscent of Walnut Grove in Little House On The Prairie. The community pulls together and is warm and welcoming. There is some match making as the new midwife enters the small community, as well as some opposition for a young, unmarried midwife. The whole story is light-hearted and positively delightful.

Love’s Rebirth by Darlene Franklin is a powerful tale about our faithful God and about taking care of widows and orphans. The midwife in the tale has a heart for the working girls who fall pregnant. She oversees their care when others frown on them. There are battles to be fought that seem impossible and can only be overcome by prayer. The battle is not ours but The Lord’s. We are also reminded that we are all adopted into His family.

If Not For Grace by Patty Smith Hall is set among the slums of New York City following a couple of caring midwives. They set aside their safety and their wealth to become Jesus to a hurting world as they tend to the marginalised in society. The midwives are frowned upon by those in power but they are brave and dedicated as they try to not only save lives but lift the vulnerable out of poverty. The characters are warm and welcoming with their love and hearts for others.

Between Two Worlds by Marilyn Turk is a delightful tale set in New Orleans. Here, a new midwife finds herself up against a traditional midwife who practices voodoo. God’s love conquers all. Faith in Him to protect and to guide is strong. All the characters are wonderfully drawn. They are warm and welcoming. The leading lady is a breath of fresh air with her kind heart and her no nonsense attitude.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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