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The Silver Shadow by Liz Tolsma

Blending Fact With Fiction

The Silver Shadow by Liz Tolsma is a marvellous Christian historical novel and part of the True Colors series.

It is a fascinating novel set in Denver in 1900 and based on true crimes. Fact blends with fiction to produce a cracking tale.

We witness the plight of women. They were seen as the weaker sex who need to stay protected in the home. It was deemed unsafe for them to walk the streets after dark. Women may have received the vote but were still viewed as unworthy by some. There were some plucky women who were determined not to be put down by chauvinistic attitudes and who actively sought out the perpetrator of the crimes against women.

Women were prejudiced against in the workplace. The leading lady longs to be a serious journalist but is given the frivolous social events of females to cover. Her writing skills are not taken seriously by either her employer nor her father.

The characters were well drawn and realistic. The women with their caring attitudes, looked out for each other.

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The Gold Digger by Liz Tolsma

Hope In Jesus Alone

The Gold Digger by Liz Tolsma is a mesmerising and horrific Christian historical novel. It is part of the True Colors series.

The novel is set in 1907-1908 and based on actual events. This makes it all the more horrific. An air of mystery still surrounds the case today.

There is the issue of trust. We do not always know whom we can trust or who is telling the truth. We need to press into God, lean on Him and pray for discernment and clarity within our situations.

The Bible tells us to take care of widows and orphans. We witness this within the novel.

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The Refrain Within by Liz Tolsma

God Will Provide

The Refrain Within by Liz Tolsma is a heart-wrenching Christian historical novel set in Hungary in 1944 at the height of the Nazi occupation. It is the third book in the Music Of Hope series but can be read as a stand-alone.

We witness the bravery of those who do what they have to do to protect their loved ones. Some are driven by guilt at what they failed to do when they were just twelve years old. All are driven by love.

In contrast we see those who sided with the Nazis to make life more comfortable for themselves. Personal gain exists side by side with sacrificial love.

War presents choices. We can choose to do the right thing or not. Whatever we choose to do, we must be prepared to live with the consequences of our choice.

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The Green Dress by Liz Tolsma

Fascinating Yet Horrifying

The Green Dress by Liz Tolsma is a totally gripping Christian historical crime suspense and part of the True Colors series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

Liz Tolsma has taken a true life crime and woven her story around the facts. It is both mesmerising and horrifying as the reader knows that all that happens is true.

Crimes are committed. At first it seems like bad luck but as the body count rises so does the suspicion.

The characters are all well drawn. The young children’s mannerisms and innocence were perfectly captured. The leading lady has a kind heart, looking out for the innocent. She struggles with the concept of a good Father as her earthly father let her down. “Why did God have to do this to her?” God does not ‘let’ anything happen, it is man’s free will and His Holy Spirit grieves.

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