No Greater Love by Gina Holder

Uncovering The Past

No Greater Love by Gina Holder is a marvellous contemporary Christian romantic suspense and the first book in the Shadows Over Whitman series.

The novel is about a search for roots. Babies are a gift from God but man does not always treat them as such, sometimes seeing them as an embarrassment or throw-aways. When a character uncovers the secrets of her birth, she longs to find her true beginnings.

We all want to belong and be loved. Family is not always united by blood but it is united by love.

Jealousy is a dreadful master. It corrupts lives and will always lead to a downwards spiral.

We need to have the correct priorities in our lives. When political power and possessions are placed above family, we have clearly got it seriously wrong.

God never gives up on us but sometimes we reject Him. “She’d given up on her own faith. He [God] didn’t hear. He didn’t care.” God hears and God cares. We were never promised an easy life but we were promised that God would never leave us. No matter what we face, God walks alongside us in life.

An air of suspense is suspended over the whole novel. Secrets long buried, start working their way to the surface. There is a palpable tension between the party who wants to keep the secrets hidden and the party who wants to expose them.

Fear of being hurt has meant characters build walls around their hearts. This fails to protect but instead it imprisons. The walls need to come down as we learn to trust and to live and to love again.

The novel ends on a jaw dropping confession and is perfectly poised for book two… which is just where I am heading now. Forgiven Again here I come!

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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