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Somebody Someday by Joye Holmes

Heart Breaking And Inspiring

Somebody Someday by Joye Holmes – wow what an incredibly powerful and emotional book about the twenty plus years friendship of housewife Joye and homeless Butch.

This book will make you smile and your heart will swell with love as Butch, who owns nothing is so rich in his love and care for others. It broke my heart to read “All I ever wanted was to be loved and God put you in my life” – wow, such a simple request. How many other people just want the love of another? Everyone deserves to be loved.

Butch’s story will tear your heart in two as he openly says he was unwanted as he was conceived out of wedlock. He is also deaf from the age of ten due to abuse. This poor man has known so much unkindness and yet his heart is still swollen with love for others. He gives out of the little he has. He reminds me of the widow’s mite. Butch has a huge heart.

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Larkswood by Valerie Mendes

Spell Binding

Larkswood by Valerie Mendes is an epic tale that I just could not put down. Valerie Mendes drew me into the story from the start as I questioned who, what, where, when and how? As I read on, I tried to guess the answers – and failed as the jaw dropping reveal occurred.

The novel is set in 1896-7 and 1939 as England prepares for war. It is a world on the brink of change as women will need to step up into jobs vacated by men going to war. The old order is about to die but there is one more spring and summer first.

The action alternates between the two time periods. Larkswood, the house, is a keeper of secrets but little by little the truth will come out. It almost takes on a personality all of its own.

Victorian fathers ruled with an iron rod. Children who should have been cherished were cruelly treated or abandoned into the care of servants.

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Finding Wings by Deborah Raney


Finding Wings by Deborah Raney is the most delightful contemporary Christian novel that focuses on family and the faithfulness of God. It is the third book in the Chandler Sisters series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The characters were wonderfully drawn. The love and care of the sisters for each other radiated from the pages of the book.

There is a theme of new beginnings – quite literally and also when we let God redeem our lives. A past event has cast a shadow over a life. God does not want us to live in fear. He wants us to live abundantly free. Within the novel God gives a character the opportunity to face their fears and begin to live in a new freedom.

The lure and love of money corrupts lives. When we let money lead us, we are surely heading for a fall.

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Before The Crown By Flora Harding

A Perfect Accompaniment

Before The Crown by Flora Harding is the historical love story between our Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. It is set between 1943 and November 20th 1947.

For anyone who has watched The Crown on Netflix, this is the perfect accompaniment. It is easy to picture the characters and there is a familiarity with the names too.

There is always the pressure to do ones duty above all else. This is set against the desire for love. The reader witnesses the conflict as these two things are held in tension.

It is a beautiful love story that unfolds of the princess and the playboy who needs taming. Both are called to sacrifice in the name of love as the King and Queen were against the match.

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