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Cold Case Connection by Dana Mentink


Cold Case Connection by Dana Mentink is a marvellous contemporary Christian suspense that will have the reader on the edge of their seat.

A desire to know the truth about past murders puts lives at risk in present day. Suspicion lurks in the dark as modern amateur sleuthing tries to uncover the secrets in the past.

Some desire vengeance, whilst knowing that “I’m supposed to leave vengeance to the Lord, but I want it for me.” When we place our hurts in God’s hands, we will be set free from the burden that is dragging us down.

Guilt ties in with vengeance as characters feel guilty for their inaction and inability in the past. “Guilt stabbed through her.” Guilt is not something for us to carry. “God forgave them, and so they should forgive themselves.” God did not send His Son to die so we could live under the weight of guilt. He wants us to forgive ourselves and to live in the freedom for which He died. If we fail to forgive ourselves, we will be guilty of hubris.

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