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The Road To Happenstance by Janice L Dick

Where Souls Go To Heal

 The Road To Happenstance by Janice L Dick is a charming contemporary Christian mystery that will delight your heart and soul. It is part of the Mosaic Collection.

We all have a past that we sometimes want to escape from and need to heal. Happenstance is a town that attracts the lost and the hurting, wraps them in love and helps them heal. “In this town everybody cares about everybody, even the newcomers.” Needs are met by huge hearts.

There are times when we feel abandoned by God or we run from Him. “It seemed God had deserted him in his hour of need… Not that he didn’t believe, he was disillusioned.” Life has a way of dragging us down but God is faithful and we can trust His leading. When life is hard, we need to run to God, not  away from Him.

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